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Sunday, February 05, 2006 

Hey Media! It Ain't Just Democrats Worried About Domestic Spying

One of the most distressing failings of the media is their inability comprehend simple truths. How many times have we heard them repeat that the Democrats are questioning the legality of the NSA domestic spying issue. It is enough to drive a sane man crazy.

From this mornings MTP via ThinkProgress:
RUSSERT: The administration says that they didn't need to, that they already had authority from Congress when, back in October 2002, Congress voted an authorization to go to war against Iraq. And that is part of that war.

SPECTER: I believe that contention is very strained and unrealistic. The authorization for the use of force doesn't say anything about electronic surveillance.

The issue was never raised with the Congress. And there is a specific statute on the books, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which says flatly that you can't undertake that kind of surveillance without a court order.
Uhhh,,,,isn't a REPUBLICAN???? And doesn't that make this a bi-partisan concern? Yes, jackasses. And the good folks at ThinkProgress has even put together a list for you of other Republicans who have raised doubts. Check it out here. So, when we call you idiots or hapless tools of the right just know that there is ample reason.

Here's a hint: If you get a talking point from the Republicans perhaps, just maybe, you should check it out before repeating it as fact in your reporting.

Or do they teach you something differently in journalism school?

Dumb fucks!

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